Miracle on 14th Street

    In the current issue of Winq we call it Miracle on 14th Street, because it’s a story that sounds nothing short of impossible – but it’s all true. It all starts 14 years ago, when New Yorker Danny Stewart found a newborn baby abandoned at a subway station.

    It was while Danny was rushing to his boyfriend Pete’s apartment, late for dinner plans, that he caught a glimpse of what looked like a child’s doll, left behind at the exit of 14th Street’s subway station. But on closer inspection, Danny saw that it was actually a new born baby, with umbilical cold still attached, that had been left behind wrapped in a jumper. “There he was just lying in the corner. If you walk past it quickly enough you wouldn’t even give it a second look” Danny says.

    After calling 911, Danny sought help from his fellow subway commuters – but none responded to his pleas, passing him by in that manner than anyone who’s ever boarded the New York Subway or London Underground will know all too well. But Danny’s intervention proved instrumental in saving this innocent newborn, while also unknowingly changing the course of his own life. With the help of his supportive partner, and a remarkable judge, Danny managed to turn this tragic story’s beginning into nothing short of a fairy tale ending.

    You can read all about Danny and Pete’s incredible story in the current issue of Winq, available at all good newsagents, via our own website or through our interactive iOS and Android app.

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