The new, old £135,000 Range Rover

    If the future seems a little too awful to contemplate right now, then why not step back to 1978 and take ownership of one of just ten classic Range Rovers that are to be rebuilt by the Land Rover factory.

    As good as, if not better than, the day the car originally rolled off the production line, this fabulous piece of highly-collectible retro auto couture will stand you in for a cool £135,000.

    Range Rover Reborn is a new programme offering prospective customers the unique opportunity to purchase an original and highly desirable vintage Range Rover, direct from Land Rover Classic in the UK.

    Land Rover Classic’s expert team has drawn on decades of engineering and design expertise to complete the first Range Rover Reborn – the 1978 example pictured here. In period Bahama Gold with a contrasting velour interior, and powered by a 3.5-litre V8 delivering 132bhp and 186 lb/ft of torque through a four-speed gearbox, this is the first draft ‘luxury’ SUV that came define both a brand and a whole new class of car.

    Every Range Rover Reborn will undergo a complete restoration according to the company’s original 1970s factory specification and using Land Rover Classic Parts to preserve and protect the vehicle’s authenticity. Land Rover’s team will advise customers of the best options for base vehicles – in terms of collectability, preferred chassis numbers and unique characteristics. Prices for completed Range Rover Reborn restorations from Land Rover Classic will start from £135,000.

    Tim Hannig, the Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic, explains: “Range Rover Reborn offers a rare opportunity for customers to own a valuable and genuinely collectible automotive icon. It is a wonderful way to preserve the much sought after three-door original Range Rover from the 1970s, from period-correct colour ways to interior trim and accessories.”

    Believed by many to have launched the SUV sector, the Range Rover certainly defined the genre of the luxury 4×4 vehicle, and has been the vehicle of choice for members of the Royal household, politicians and superstars across the world. It has maintained its most credible position as the ‘ultimate SUV’ to this day, with a number of world firsts and records in its long and distinguished heritage.

    During the 1970s, the Range Rover also became the first vehicle to be exhibited at the Louvre in Paris as an ‘exemplary work of industrial design’.

    Enquiries should be directed to or by calling +44 (0)203 601 1255.

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