{GROOMING} The Face Place at Rosewood London

    There’s been a well-kept secret amongst the glowing-skinned celebrities of LA since 1972. It’s called Face Place, and it’s been keeping beautiful people beautiful with an almost unchanged treatment for over 40 years. The facial is now available in London, in the soothing basement spa at Rosewood London, a gorgeous hotel nestled within a 1914 Edwardian, Grade II-listed building.

    The treatment is unusual in that it was originally developed for men (“they love all the machinery,” my facial guru Rebecca tells me) before the ladies wanted in on the action. Without naming any names, Rebecca tells me it’s as popular with celebrity kids suffering from acne as wrinkle-conscious chaps looking for a non-invasive way to stay youthful. After understanding my personal skincare goals, she explains that the facial will tackle the deeper layers of skin, the dermis, using a galvanic current.

    First Rebecca does a gentle cleansing using a little hoover machine and then applies hot towels and a medieval-looking heat mask shaped like a cone. Apparently, it’s less dehydrating than the more usual steam. Next up, extraction to get rid of any build-up in my pores, before a spritz of collagen and a slather of vitamin C and zinc creams. Everything so far has basically been a primer for the main event – some high-voltage face-zapping (actually pretty low voltage, but you know what I mean). Those magic creams
    will help regenerate tissue, stimulate collagen production, rehydrate and soothe my skin, and the galvanic mask’s job is to push their goodness deep into the dermis and tighten the skin.

    When the mask goes on, I immediately feel slight tingles in my skin and have a weird metallic taste in my mouth. It’s a normal part of the treatment and I quickly drift off for most of the 20 minutes I’m hooked up. The result? My skin has firmed up noticeably, my skin tone is a lot more even and some fine
    lines have even (temporarily, unfortunately) disappeared. The treatment would be great just before a special day but it really works best when you go fortnightly. £140.

    Words: Adam Duxbury