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Man of the Year 2016: Mark Gatiss

    Introducing Mark Gatiss, actor, screenwriter, television producer, comedian, novelist, director and Winq’s 2016 Man of the Year, presented with his award by Winq‘s Editor-in-Chief, Matt Cain, at our 2016 awards luncheon, supported by United Airlines.

    Most gay men understand gallows humour. It’s the go-to defence when life is at its bleakest. Only one, we suggest, has elevated it to an art form – our Man of the Year, Mark Gatiss. From the attack on the senses that was The League of Gentlemen and roles in Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall, to the craft of taking on the dual roles of co-writer and co-star of the spectacular Sherlock, his work uses darkness to find light. It’s positively inspirational, if occasionally uncomfortable to watch. Out and proud – or “never in”, as he has it – he would be touched by genius, were genius so minded.

    Mark on his first paid writing gig: “The first money I ever earned was from writing horror stories at school, in which all the teachers we hated were violently murdered, and I would charge people to read them. A particularly-hateful PE teacher got speared on a javelin. Many years later, when I wrote my first episode of Poirot, a PE teacher – who was shot in the book – got speared on a javelin in my version!”

    Mark on his attraction to the darker side of life: “Morbid curiosity! But I think it’s one of those things that changes as you get older. Without sounding like some fucking evangelical, which I’m not, I find life is so dark at the moment that I slightly shrink away from the things I used to enjoy. That’s not to say I think everything should be like a variety show, but I’m less interested in the more obviously-darker aspects of things.”


    Mark on same-sex weddings (and his own!): “I was haunted by the spectre of how gay weddings were regarded growing up. It’s still a thing in the popular press – or not-so-popular press. Like when Cameron and Clegg did their press conference for the coalition they still described it as a ‘gay wedding’; there’s something slightly nasty about that. “I was really wary of pink Rolls-Royces and things like that. But it got to the stage where we were outlining our slightly-austere wedding to a friend and she said, ‘It sounds like you’re apologising for it.’ It really hit home and after that we thought, ‘Fuck it!’ We went up the aisle to the theme of Upstairs, Downstairs, our dog was our ring bearer and we exited to our favourite Eurovision winner.”

    Congratulations to Mark Gatiss, our 2016 Man of the Year! Pick up your copy of Winq Winter 2016, out now, to read the full eight-page feature, along with all the other interviews with our Men of the Year.

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    The Sport Award 2016: Chris Mears

      Introducing Chris Mears, Olympic and Commonwealth gold medal winner and recipient of the 2016 Winq Sport Award, presented by Olympian rower Matt Lister at our 2016 awards luncheon, supported by United Airlines.

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      The Music Award 2016: Bright Light Bright Light

        Introducing Bright Light Bright Light (the stage name of Rod Thomas), a self-made, independent musician with Elton John on speed-dial and the recipient of the 2016 Winq Music Award, presented by frontman of The Feeling, Dan Gillespie Sells, at our 2016 awards luncheon, supported by United Airlines.

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        The Culture Award 2016: Jonathan Harvey

          Introducing Jonathan Harvey, award-winning playwright, screenwriter and recipient of the 2016 Winq Culture Award, presented by Coronation Street stars Brooke Vincent and Dan Brocklebank at our 2016 awards luncheon, supported by United Airlines.

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          The Activism Award 2016: Dan Mathews

            Introducing Dan Mathews, PETA poster boy, life-long animal rights campaigner and recipient of the 2016 Winq Activism Award, presented by iconic fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood at our 2016 awards luncheon, supported by United Airlines.

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            The Media Award 2016: Owen Jones

              Introducing Owen Jones, journalist, political commentator and recipient of the 2016 Winq Media Award, presented by Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen, Asifa Lahore, at our 2016 awards luncheon, supported by United Airlines.

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              Review: Beauty on the Piste, Above The Stag Theatre

                December is upon us, bringing with it festive cheer, overindulgence, cuffing season and, of course, Above The Stag Theatre‘s annual adult panto – this year, Beauty on the Piste.

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                Frank Ocean’s heading to London’s Lovebox festival in 2017

                  Frank Ocean has been announced as Friday’s headline act at London’s Lovebox festival next July.

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                  Andrew Salgado’s new exhibition pays tribute to Orlando massacre victims

                    London-based Canadian artist Andrew Salgado is set to pay tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre with his latest solo exhibition, which launches this evening with a private view.

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                    London Mayor Sadiq Khan appoints Amy Lamé as city’s Night Czar

                      Following the example set by other global cities, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has appointed the city’s first ever Night Czar, honouring queer performer and campaigner Amy Lamé with the role.

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                      Winq Magazine

                      Winq magazine

                      Winter 2016/2017

                      The new Winter issue of Winq (yes, we’ve now gone quarterly) is all about our 2016 Men of the Year, following our awards ceremony in December.

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