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Winq Men of the Year 2016: United Airlines partners as headline sponsor

    WINQ, the luxury lifestyle magazine for gay men, is delighted to announce that its second annual Men of the Year luncheon, in association with United Airlines to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, will take place on Wednesday 7th December 2016 in the Grand Ballroom at the beautiful Rosewood London hotel on High Holborn.

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    Grayson Perry explores gender identity in new Channel 4 shorts

      British artist Grayson Perry has taken part in a series of new short films for Channel 4, to promote the channel’s ‘Born Risky’ positioning.

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      Winq Loves: Boulon Blanc transforming table

        New French home furniture brand Boulon Blanc caught our eye this week with its innovative new transforming table, switching from a coffee table to dinner table and vice versa in seconds.

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        Winq publishing editor named in 2016’s OUTstanding/FT list of LGBT executives

          Winq Publishing Editor makes the 2016 OUTstanding Leading 100 LGBT+ Executive List, presented by the Financial Times.

          Darren Styles, the Publishing Editor of Winq magazine, has today been named as one of 2016’s OUTstanding Leading 100 LGBT+ Executives on the annual power list presented by the Financial Times.

          The magazine entrepreneur who acquired Attitude magazine just last month sits at number 74 on a list that is topped by Gigi Chao, Vice Chairman of real estate giant Cheuk Nang, who becomes the first Asian business leader to head the rankings. She was thrust into the spotlight in 2012 when her property tycoon father publically offered a HK$500 million reward to any man who could convince his lesbian daughter to marry him.

          Other famous faces on the among the OUTstanding 100 include David Furnish (Rocket Entertainment Group), Mary Portas (the Portas Agency) and Christopher Bailey (Burberry), while valued supporters of Stream titles present include Mark Anderson (Virgin Holidays), Denny Tu (Sky), Steve Wardlaw (Emerald Life), Tim Millward (Extrastaff) and Roja Dove (Roja Parfums).

          The full list can be found here.

          Says Darren Styles:

          “When you see your name and organisation in such company it takes a while to register, but I am proud and thrilled to be included among so many people for whom I have the greatest admiration.

          “I couldn’t imagine creating a working environment in which any individual couldn’t be who they are, in order that they flourish and find fulfilment. I want the best for them and, selfishly, the best for me – and that means finding space to celebrate the individual who wants to be out and proud.

          “And my experience, I have to say, is that my customer publishing clients – airlines, car manufacturers, cruise lines and retailers – and those who read and support Attitude and Winq magazines wouldn’t have it any other way.”

          The OUTstanding nomination in full:

          “Darren is fully out to his colleagues and clients and encourages everyone he works with to be authentic and the best leaders they can be. He has recruited a team of people who are the best at what they do and happen to be a proud mix of boys and girls who are gay, straight and bisexual.

          “Externally, he is a Patron of, and has raised more than £200,000 for, the Elton John AIDS Foundation. He also promotes and contributes to both the Peter Tatchell Foundation and The Albert Kennedy Trust. Additionally he has previously produced, without fee, the Official Guide to Pride London.

          “His work for these organisations, and that of his business, has seen him appointed by Downing Street as one of 20 or so Ambassadors to the GREAT Campaign.”

          Says CEO and founder of OUTstanding, Suki Sandhu:

          “Large corporations have the power and influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion and pave the way for real societal change around the world. By recognising the impact of those who are leading the charge, the OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ & Ally Executives and LGBT+ Future Leaders Lists continue to inspire both businesses and individuals to drive LGBT+ equality forward.

          “OUTstanding exists to challenge the assumption that you cannot be out and successful in business, to create role models that will inspire the next generation of business leaders and to encourage companies to use their far reaching voices for good.”

          How the OUTstanding lists are compiled:

          “All of the 2016 Leading role models were nominated by peers and colleagues. Nominations were then reviewed by OUTstanding’s judging panel, consisting of: Lord Browne, Executive Chairman, L1 Energy, and former CEO, BP; Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images; Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK; Harriet Green, General Manager of Watson Internet of Things, Commerce and Education IBM; Vicki Culpin, Global Dean of Research, Hult International Business School; Suki Sandhu, Founder & CEO, OUTstanding; and Carola Hoyos, Editor of the Executive Appointments section, Non Executive Directors Club, Financial Times.

          “Each person was scored on the seniority and influence of their role, their impact on LGBT+ inclusion inside and outside the workplace and their business achievements. Everyone included in the list has given their explicit permission to be included. For the Leading LGBT+ executives and Leading ally executive lists, the nominee’s seniority and influence was taken into consideration.

          “They must be visibly out, or a vocal ally, actively working to create an environment where LGBT+ people can comfortably bring their best professional selves to work. It was important that people were working towards this goal over and above their day job, which made it hard for the judges to consider diversity and inclusion professionals, however deserving.”

          To find out more about OUTstanding, pick up the October/November issue of Winq and turn to page 140 for our interview with founder Suki Sandhu.

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          Gay men to be pardoned of historic sex offences under new ‘Alan Turing law’

            UPDATE Tory MP Sam Gyimah has been accused of filibustering a private members bill that was set to automatically pardon all living men who were convicted of anti-homosexuality laws in the UK, alongside those who are being pardoned posthumously.

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            Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse won’t wed until Australia says ‘yes’ to marriage equality

              Aussie pop icon Kylie Minogue and her British beau Joshua Sasse have reaffirmed their ally credentials this week by declaring they won’t tie the knot until same-sex marriage is the law of the land in Australia.

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              Getting hitched? Check out our October/November Winq wedding special

                In the new October/November issue of Winq we’re getting down on bended knee to bring you a bumper wedding special, featuring everything from unique wedding venues and seasonal perfumes to a DIY wedding cake and our guide to the nine essential parts of preparing for your big day.

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                Emerald Life to Fund Stonewall Role Model Programme

                  Emerald Life, the UK’s dedicated insurance provider for the LGBT community, has just announced it will be supporting Stonewall’s Role Models Programme. 

                  As part of their core commitment to supporting grassroots LGBT equality work, Emerald Life has committed to funding one of these programmes, which will empower young people to step up and be role models, and learn about how to create an inclusive environment at work and in their communities. 

                  The programme offers active listening skills and techniques for having productive conversations, practical ways to step up as an LGBT role model, increased motivation and confidence to be a visible and influential role model and develop a network of LGBT peers from across a range of sectors. 

                   The course has a proven track record, too – 86 per cent of participants from previous programmes agreed that the course helped them to create positive change in their workplace.

                  Steve Wardlaw, Chairman, Emerald Life said: Stonewall is a superpower where LGBT equality is concerned. We are thrilled to be supporting them by sponsoring this Role Model programme. We know the delegates of the course will return to their respective environments and play a major part in creating more inclusive workplaces. We are pleased to be helping and supporting Stonewall create a better tomorrow for LGBT people.

                  Speakign about Emerald Life’s funding, Nick Corrigan, Director of Empowerment Programmes at Stonewall said: “We are thrilled that Emerald Life has so generously supported one of these programmes, which will no doubt contribute to real positive change for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality.”

                  Visit and for more info. 

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                  A note about our digital app

                    Dear Winq readers,

                    While we work hard to put together a great magazine every two months, packed full of features that speak to you, we’re not perfect.

                    Although our latest issue, August/September 2016, hit newsstands as planned earlier this month, our digital version is currently delayed, and we’ve had some of you asking why this is – so we wanted to explain.

                    We’re currently in the process of switching our app development supplier, and while we had hoped for a smooth transition without anyone realising what we had done, it’s not quite gone to plan!

                    As such, not only is the August/September issue of Winq unavailable currently, but downloads of back issues have also been temporarily halted.

                    If you’re a subscriber, don’t worry: the number of issues you paid for is still the number you’ll receive, and we expect all issues to be available via a new interface within the next couple of weeks. As soon as it’s ready to go, we’ll push a notification through to your device to let you know.

                    Apologies for the hold up – please bear with us a little longer.


                    Winq HQ

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                    Australia’s marriage equality referendum will be mandatory

                      The Australian government has decided that the national referendum on marriage equality will be mandatory, according to reports.

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                      Winq Magazine

                      Winq magazine

                      Winter 2016/2017

                      The new Winter issue of Winq (yes, we’ve now gone quarterly) is all about our 2016 Men of the Year, following our awards ceremony in December.

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